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About Us


Three years ago, my brother was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. As I researched how the condition affects its victims and came to terms with what it would mean for our relationship, it became clear to me that Bipolar is just one of many mental illnesses that we as a society don’t like to confront and talk openly about. I couldn’t understand why there was such a “look the other way” phobia associated with mental illness – something that affects millions of Americans and is a factor in so many instances of abuse, homelessness and suicide. I needed to do something. That’s when Maniac was born.

Maniac is the merger of my passion for casual, cool, comfortable, stylish clothing with my compassion for my brother and those like him. Even though our line has an effortless look to it, when you purchase any of our items, you’re becoming part of the effort to help those who suffer from mental illness. That’s because we donate 80 percent of our net profits to Dallas’s Child and Family Guidance Center – an organization that has provided counseling and treatment to those in need for over 100 years.

I invite you to try Maniac not only because I know you’ll love it, but because together we can do something really good for people in need. After all, we’re all a little crazy sometimes, right? Join me in taking on mental illness, and enjoy the most comfortable piece of clothing you’ll ever own.


   With Love,


   Meridith Casey




Kim is my Chief Advice Giver, Confidant and Design Approver.